Funny or Not?

Got a surprise message from the Ex the other day (note that though we are amiable with each other, we do not talk, not even for the occasional pleasantries)   (Translation: “Why would you send me that? Are you trying to tell me something?”) Really, why? No reply, though. I did find it kinda funny, […]

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11.11: Happy Singles’ Day

I know, I know. It is mainly a Chinese festival, and I don’t even know if it’s a legit traditional practice, but I don’t really care. Everyday should be “Happy Singles” day. Why? ‘Coz being single rocks, no matter what others may say.  And no, this is not the sour grapes talking.  I really believe […]

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Mother’s Day: the Day After

It is Monday morning in Manila, Philippines, 7:00am. The day after Mother’s Day. I have the day off from work, but I have been up since 4am, just in time to drop off daughter at her dorm, and my nephews at their house, because they spent the night. I sit in my dirty kitchen while […]

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When it’s time to let daughter go and live by herself…

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Really, Truly

Last night’s dream had me thinking… I dreamed that my ex-husband and I (no, this wasn’t a cheesy, lovey-dovey dream, don’t worry) were in a church somewhere, processing papers so that we could get back together. It was like any other dream; there was no sudden rush of emotion that sometimes comes with sometimes-dreams.  We […]

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Medical Miracle

After complaining about a numbness in her arm the other day (which she feels only while lying down on a particular side, and only at night), my 73 year old mother had “woefully” asked for her to be brought to a geriatric doctor (not just any doctor, mind you, but a specific one), to finally […]

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A Whole New World: My Child is Now in College!

I remember that my first ever, true blue blog had this description of me:  “Mother to an 8-year old”. I’d write about, among other stuff, recommended summer activities and reading materials, grade school events and other kid-friendly matters that may sit well with the working moms’ taste and schedule. But that is no more! My daughter, now […]

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I Saw the Sign: Helping Aging Parents thru a Cataract Operation

….and it opened up my eyes…. So goes that 90’s song (and I write this with the famous matching dance-hand gestures). Anyway, this is what happens when your 70-ish mom goes in for a cataract operation. It hasn’t happened yet, though, because apparently, she-who-always-wants-things-done-now assumed that it can be done anytime, anywhere, as soon as she […]