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Remembering Papa

November 28 was my dad’s supposed-to-have-been 77th birthday, and we usually celebrate it by putting up some form of Christmas decor, as he was a big fan of Christmas. However, for obvious reasons, siblings were not up to putting up decor this year, contrary to their usual practice (and I don’t anymore because I don’t […]



The Adventures of Super Normal Girl turned 10 years old earlier this year, and has moved around countless platforms and went through a few content branding transformations along the way. And why not? I was a single mom to a grade-schooler when I first started, and now I am (still) a single mom to a […]

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A few days ago marked our 3rd year in our current home, and we’ve settled in quite nicely. I would say that the house has settled in quite nicely, too, with all of its why-haven’t-I-noticed-that-crack-before “settling” cracks that I’ve been seeing. Looking for a house had been a fun experience for me, albeit sometimes frustrating.  […]

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I Live with a Bum

Yes, I do. But it’s not all bad. Let me backtrack a little and give a bit of background to this short narrative. My used-to-be 8-yr old daughter, who always figured in my old blogs, just graduated from college this July.  Of course, this brought me great pride and joy, because after all our persevering […]

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11.11: Happy Singles’ Day

I know, I know. It is mainly a Chinese festival, and I don’t even know if it’s a legit traditional practice, but I don’t really care. Everyday should be “Happy Singles” day. Why? ‘Coz being single rocks, no matter what others may say.  And no, this is not the sour grapes talking.  I really believe […]

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Ang Julamat ng Binangonan

Alam nyo ba kung bakit Binangonan ang tawag sa isang bayan sa Rizal?

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Choosing Your Own Adventure

It’s Saturday night, and I had to drop off daughter, Dani, at her friend’s 18th birthday at the Conrad Manila. Of course, if I drop her off, I have to pick her up, as well. I hadn’t made up my mind what to do, whether to just drive back after the party, or just hang […]

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Touch Technology Revisited

My 16-year old nephew, Leon,  finally got his first first-hand iPhone from his dad, a few days before Christmas. As the youngest in the family, it was only natural that he had to inherit all the old hand-me-down phones in the family. Just recently, his iPhone 4 died, and there were no more phones for him […]


Holiday Monday Musings

Had been out for a while. What was I up to?

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When it’s time to let daughter go and live by herself…