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Remembering Papa

November 28 was my dad’s supposed-to-have-been 77th birthday, and we usually celebrate it by putting up some form of Christmas decor, as he was a big fan of Christmas. However, for obvious reasons, siblings were not up to putting up decor this year, contrary to their usual practice (and I don’t anymore because I don’t […]

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Young, Single Dad

Young, single parents are nothing new. Sad to say, this is more prevalent now that one would like to think. However, it is not very often that you meet young, single dads, dads who are in their early to mid-twenties, raising kids without their kids’ mom by their side. One of my colleagues is just […]

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I Live with a Bum

Yes, I do. But it’s not all bad. Let me backtrack a little and give a bit of background to this short narrative. My used-to-be 8-yr old daughter, who always figured in my old blogs, just graduated from college this July.  Of course, this brought me great pride and joy, because after all our persevering […]

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To Be Old in the Time of Pokemon

I’m sure you’re sick of it by now. People unexpectedly stopping in the hallways; super slow drivers, especially past water tanks, churches or graffiti you would’ve otherwise ignored; and kids pestering you to please turn on your hotspot, or could they now “please get data subscription”. All because of Pokemon. Yes, the Pokemon has made […]

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Have Granny, Will Travel

In my younger years, I guess the articles or blogs that would have caught my attention would be those talking about how to comfortably (or survive) travel (if this is at all possible) with your small kids. Nowadays, however, with the kid in college, you would think that travel would be so much easier.  No […]

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Medical Miracle

After complaining about a numbness in her arm the other day (which she feels only while lying down on a particular side, and only at night), my 73 year old mother had “woefully” asked for her to be brought to a geriatric doctor (not just any doctor, mind you, but a specific one), to finally […]

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A Whole New World: My Child is Now in College!

I remember that my first ever, true blue blog had this description of me:  “Mother to an 8-year old”. I’d write about, among other stuff, recommended summer activities and reading materials, grade school events and other kid-friendly matters that may sit well with the working moms’ taste and schedule. But that is no more! My daughter, now […]

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I Saw the Sign: Helping Aging Parents thru a Cataract Operation

….and it opened up my eyes…. So goes that 90’s song (and I write this with the famous matching dance-hand gestures). Anyway, this is what happens when your 70-ish mom goes in for a cataract operation. It hasn’t happened yet, though, because apparently, she-who-always-wants-things-done-now assumed that it can be done anytime, anywhere, as soon as she […]