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A Whole New World: My Child is Now in College!

I remember that my first ever, true blue blog had this description of me:  “Mother to an 8-year old”. I’d write about, among other stuff, recommended summer activities and reading materials, grade school events and other kid-friendly matters that may sit well with the working moms’ taste and schedule. But that is no more! My daughter, now […]

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Life Changes

I just realized that I am at that stage where I am as content as that snug bug on a rug.

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I Saw the Sign: Helping Aging Parents thru a Cataract Operation

….and it opened up my eyes…. So goes that 90’s song (and I write this with the famous matching dance-hand gestures). Anyway, this is what happens when your 70-ish mom goes in for a cataract operation. It hasn’t happened yet, though, because apparently, she-who-always-wants-things-done-now assumed that it can be done anytime, anywhere, as soon as she […]