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Remembering Papa

November 28 was my dad’s supposed-to-have-been 77th birthday, and we usually celebrate it by putting up some form of Christmas decor, as he was a big fan of Christmas. However, for obvious reasons, siblings were not up to putting up decor this year, contrary to their usual practice (and I don’t anymore because I don’t […]

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Young, Single Dad

Young, single parents are nothing new. Sad to say, this is more prevalent now that one would like to think. However, it is not very often that you meet young, single dads, dads who are in their early to mid-twenties, raising kids without their kids’ mom by their side. One of my colleagues is just […]

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A few days ago marked our 3rd year in our current home, and we’ve settled in quite nicely. I would say that the house has settled in quite nicely, too, with all of its why-haven’t-I-noticed-that-crack-before “settling” cracks that I’ve been seeing. Looking for a house had been a fun experience for me, albeit sometimes frustrating.  […]

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It’s Just a Job

Yup, it is. Just a job. It is not your whole life. Your job is a way to make money, and you make money not just for the sake of making money, but so you have resources to do whatever it is that you love. That includes supporting your family, pursuing your passion in life, […]

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Of Finances and other Mundane Things

Hello, Super Normal Friends! Happy 2018! I do hope your new year has gotten off to a good start.  May not be great, yeah, but then we have a whole 365 (minus 17) days to turn it into one.  That’s the best thing about new years, right?  You have a reason to start fresh. Anyway, the […]


Whose Toothbrush?

It’s been a month since I was last here, and so far, we are adjusting quite nicely in the new house and to our new living arrangements (both mom and ourselves). I found a cute toothbrush holder that was shaped like a robot while I was out the other day, and I liked it, so […]

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Have Granny, Will Travel

In my younger years, I guess the articles or blogs that would have caught my attention would be those talking about how to comfortably (or survive) travel (if this is at all possible) with your small kids. Nowadays, however, with the kid in college, you would think that travel would be so much easier.  No […]

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Really, Truly

Last night’s dream had me thinking… I dreamed that my ex-husband and I (no, this wasn’t a cheesy, lovey-dovey dream, don’t worry) were in a church somewhere, processing papers so that we could get back together. It was like any other dream; there was no sudden rush of emotion that sometimes comes with sometimes-dreams.  We […]

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Seeing Rainbows

Like many others, I was happy with the decision of the SCOTUS to legalize same-sex marriage in the United States a couple of weeks ago.  I was happy that this very controversial policy has gained ground, and that the legalization in the US may give this issue the traction that it needed so that many […]


What Your Forties Should Look Like

Just had a birthday recently.  Double 4, to be exact. 44 used to be old.  If you watch old black-and-white movies, you’ll see parents that look more like grandparents, with powder white hair, boring long dresses with shaky, old people voices. That can’t be right. Right? Because I could be that parent! Fortunately, I don’t feel old. […]