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My Psoriasis Story

It was all in my head. Literally. I was 16 when I started having what I thought was severe dandruff.  Now, in the olden days of the late 80’s/early 90’s, we dealt with dandruff by going to the salon and getting hot oil treatments.  After numerous trips to our neighborhood salon (or “parlor”, as we […]

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Medical Miracle

After complaining about a numbness in her arm the other day (which she feels only while lying down on a particular side, and only at night), my 73 year old mother had “woefully” asked for her to be brought to a geriatric doctor (not just any doctor, mind you, but a specific one), to finally […]

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I Saw the Sign: Helping Aging Parents thru a Cataract Operation

….and it opened up my eyes…. So goes that 90’s song (and I write this with the famous matching dance-hand gestures). Anyway, this is what happens when your 70-ish mom goes in for a cataract operation. It hasn’t happened yet, though, because apparently, she-who-always-wants-things-done-now assumed that it can be done anytime, anywhere, as soon as she […]