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Hello, August! (just saying hi!)

Hello! It’s the first day of the month; August 1, to be exact. How time flies, really.  My last post was back in January, and now here we are approaching the last quarter of 2018.  Where did all that time go? As with you, I had been busy with the all the important and mundane […]

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Day 1: Not Too Shabby

Day 1 of my attempt to live trash-free.

green low-impact lifestyle

Striving for a Low-Impact Lifestyle

Because simply living in this world has an impact to the planet we live in, I have decided to live life with as little impact as I can manage.  (Note that I said “…as I can manage”.) I want to be able to produce less carbon footprint, because I realize that merely recycling will not […]

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Of Finances and other Mundane Things

Hello, Super Normal Friends! Happy 2018! I do hope your new year has gotten off to a good start.  May not be great, yeah, but then we have a whole 365 (minus 17) days to turn it into one.  That’s the best thing about new years, right?  You have a reason to start fresh. Anyway, the […]


Makeup For Dummies… and Boyfriends

Overheard daughter on the phone with her almost-new boyfriend talking about make-up. For the purpose of this narrative, and because I am a bit squeamish using the “b” word (uhm, that’s “boyfriend”, not the other “b” word), I will now dub boyfie as KBB. (Because we call him Kylie Boi Boi. Not his real name. […]


Funny or Not?

Got a surprise message from the Ex the other day (note that though we are amiable with each other, we do not talk, not even for the occasional pleasantries)   (Translation: “Why would you send me that? Are you trying to tell me something?”) Really, why? No reply, though. I did find it kinda funny, […]

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11.11: Happy Singles’ Day

I know, I know. It is mainly a Chinese festival, and I don’t even know if it’s a legit traditional practice, but I don’t really care. Everyday should be “Happy Singles” day. Why? ‘Coz being single rocks, no matter what others may say.  And no, this is not the sour grapes talking.  I really believe […]


Super Normal Girl (and friends) Visit Taiwan

It’s been a while since I went somewhere, and I recently had fancied a quick, no fuss adventure, so I thought about where to go that’s near, and doesn’t require a song-and-dance visa or travel permit. *Ring* Me: Hello, Alvie?  Were you the one who got a passport some years back because       […]

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My Weekend Market Fails

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend had been a productive one, spent the way you wanted to spend it. For us, we’re kinda big on weekend markets, maybe because there are no grumbly, drag-your-feet-when-shopping males in this fam. Our obvious fave is the Salcedo Saturday Market in Makati, because we like food better than stuff, […]


My Dapitan Arcade Afternoon

As I had been recently obsessed with finding additional unusual planters for my window sill (that are reasonably priced, of course), I had decided it was time to visit Dapitan Arcade. For those who are not familiar with this place, Dapitan Arcade is a small market place in Quezon City where decorative pieces of all […]