Holiday Monday Musings

Had been out for a while. What was I up to?

It is 5am on a Monday in the Philippines, a holiday because of All Souls’ Day, thus I can do whatever, at least for the earlier part of the day.  Though the time for visiting our dead is not until tomorrow, we thought we’d go visit our late Papa at the columbarium today, so we don’t have to go with the everyone else. I will bet, though, that everyone has the same idea and will also all go today. Oh, well.

I have been out the past few weeks because I’ve been busy with moving into my new house.

So much stuff to do (so much stuff to buy), documents to sort, things to scrub clean, haul, etc.

I did not have to do everything at once, since we do have our old house, so there is no rush to move in immediately. However, doing everything yourself can be quite time-consuming and tiring, too.  Daughter is away at college and only comes home during the weekends, so she’s no help.  Can’t expect my mom to pitch in, since she basically has no business in this (My house, my elbow grease).

Anyway, to help myself along, I try to do things piece by piece. I clean one part of the house each day after work to keep things manageable (though by the time I finish, the other parts I cleaned needed to be swept and dusted again).

I buy my furniture and other fixtures one piece at a time, as well. (So far, I have completed my daughter’s room, and provided a bed for myself.  Next up would be a dining table, and some chairs.)

I have also partially moved some of my stuff into the new house, but kept majority in the old one.  Since the 2 houses aren’t very far from each other, I just drop by whenever I need anything.

The only thing I am a bit wary of right now is that mom lives alone while I live alone, as well.  At least during the weekdays.  Mom is 73 years old, and though she is strong as a horse, you never know what can happen.  I’ve tried to drop by everyday to chat with her, and so far, it has been working for us.  I’ve also decided to sleep in my old room from time to time, just so we keep each other company.

Oh, and there is that little problem about the internet.  There is none!!!

No one can provide one for us just yet, I don’t know why, when our neighbors seem to have them.  Can be quite frustrating, especially if you have internet-needy kids (daughter and visiting nephews).

Anyway, that’s how my past few weeks had gone.

Now to sweep up dead leaves in my yard.  See ya.



By supernormalgirl

Single, 40-ish mom, travelling this world as any normal, girl-next-door would. Is both positive and negative, yin and yang, good and bad. A forever 'tween. Has a love-hate relationship with food, and food wins most of the time. From Manila, Philippines.

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